Thursday, November 17, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT !!! : Australia Selection Drive Cancelation

Due to technical problem, Binamandiri is canceling the selection drive on 19 November 2011 @Polinema Malang. But we keep accepting new CVs from the candidate which can be sent by email to or in person to Binamandiri office @ Jalan Kartini No.1 Malang until end of 2011.

Binamandiri will arrange new time and place for the next Selection Drive on December 2011. Prospective Candidates will be invited by email to attend the event.

Please be INFORMED!!, All information and correspondent emails are using binamandiri corporate email (, and all related financial transaction are using Binamandiri's company bank account or cash payment with company receipt at Binamandiri office. Binamandiri DOES NOT have any branch office anywhere in INDONESIA beside head office at Jalan Kartini No.1 Malang.
Recently there is a group of people claiming to be Binamandiri's staff had cheated several candidates with false information to work in Australia. Those people are using free email account, and personal bank account at Bank Mandiri Syariah to collect money from candidates. Binamandiri does not responsible for any loss related to that fraud.
If you received confusing email, please forward to our email for clarification

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