Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Recruitment for Australia Kicks NOW!!! Start sending your CVs

The Australian Government has announced a new temporary worker scheme for skilled and semi-skilled overseas workers. The Regional Migration Agreement (RMA) has been created to meet labour shortages specifically in remote areas.

Most jobs will be in mines and mining communities far from cities, in arid areas that are extremely hot.

Australian Immigration is still preparing the rules and regulations for the RMA scheme. We hope that some of the high English standards normally required to work in Australia will be relaxed, but that is still uncertain.

A good level of English and a thorough understanding of health and safety issues in the workplace will still be required.

Semi-skilled workers will be allowed for the first time, but not unskilled workers. Proper qualifications, certificates and references are essential; these will be thoroughly checked to ensure they are genuine.

It’s hoped that the RMA rules will be published in November so the scheme can start in early 2012.

Most jobs will be in Western Australia, which has a Sister-State agreement with East Java. Binamandiri, along with our Australasian partner, has been involved in discussions with Immigration and regional authorities

To anticipate Australia’s labour needs under the RMA, interested applicants should start preparing RIGHT NOW, especially by improving their English skills. For many it will take time and hard study to reach the right level.

Binamandiri is NOW undertaking preliminary recruitment for Australia under the following terms and conditions:

1. Binamandiri will not charge any recruitment fees, as this is the preliminary stage.

2. Binamandiri will only require candidate's curriculum vitae. Original documents will not be retained.

3. Binamandiri will not charge penalties for cancellation.

4. Candidates must be willing to take part in English courses conducted by Binamandiri.

5. Costs incurred for the English course will be born by candidates. These can be paid through KUR TKI loans once the candidate is accepted for work in Australia.

6. Employees in Australia are currently paid a minimum gross salary of AUD 49,330/year (Rp 37 million / month). However taxes are high – about Rp 6.5 million / month and living costs expensive. It is not known if these salaries will apply for RMA workers. Higher levels are paid for skilled and experienced workers in specialised areas, like gas pipe welding.

7. All costs incurred for placement in Australia will be paid directly by the candidate before placement.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, and you HAVE the following qualifications:

1. Male/Female, 26 - 45 years old.

2. Fit, no medical conditions and prepared to work long hours in harsh conditions.

3. Clean police record. Clean driving licence.

4. High-level computer skills.

3. Holder of an East Java ID Card (due to the nature of the placement scheme under sister-state agreement between WA and East Java)

5. Graduates from Vocational High School or higher with experience in the same field of study.

6. Minimum three years experience with references and certificates, for the following positions:

a. Welder
b. Carpenter
c. Air-conditioning fitter
d. Scaffolder
e. Steel fabricator
f. High voltage electrician
g. Auto electrician
h. Telecommunication technician
i. Electronic technician
j. Motor vehicle mechanic
k. Diesel mechanic
l. Fitter
m. Plumber
n. Heavy equipment mechanics
o. Heavy equipment operators

E-mail your CV and recent passport-size photo to recruitment@binamandiri.com. If you are considered to be eligible for work in Australia, we will respond to your e-mail with the next steps.

We will only accept e-mail inquiries in English. We will not accept inquiries by phone or in Bahasa Indonesia.

Note that anyone presenting forged or false certificates will be immediately blacklisted

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